Top technology at your service

Our automatic satellite systems are among the most technologically advanced systems available on the market and are the only ones that always use a DVB-S2 tuner (Full HD) recognizing all the DVB-S2/MPEG-4/FULL HD signals, offering a much better quality of the signal and assuring our customers not to have to change the positioner when, in the near future, all satellites will be using DVB-S2 technology.

Because of the better quality of this DVB-S2 technology, the antenna finds more easily the optimal satellite signal of the different satellite positions (even in difficult areas).

SR Mecatronic automatic satellite systems are completely designed and produced in Italy, are very easy to install and guarantee faultless operation with a failure rate low below 1% within the warranty period of 3 years.

The mechanism of our antennas is extremely robust and is made of a very strong and durable aluminium structure (protected with a special layer of powder coating), giving the antenna a very precise and reliable operation.

The gears, operated by powerful motors, are made out of bronze and steel and designed with utmost precision to guarantee a long and maintenance-free life whilst making the antenna extremely stable.

Because of the elegant design, the use of the most advanced hardware and software technologies SR Mecatronic became already market leader in different European countries.