The SR Mecatronic automatic satellite systems are completely designed, developed and made in Italy.


SR Mecatronic has 2 different assembly lines and is assembling as to ISO-standard with anticipated quality control.




Extremely strong and durable aluminium structure (protected with a special layer of powder
     coating), offering the antenna a very good stability.

Using kinetic bearings making the system very precise and silent.
Gears made of bronze and steel and designed with utmost precision to guarantee a long and maintenance free life.
Fixation of the antenna and feed arm made of anodized aluminium.



A fuse of 5A is protecting the positioner against short-circuit, switching of the polarities +/-,...

The intelligent software of the positioner informs our customers when and why the antenna is not functioning.

Following indications appear on the display (LED-indication for the LED-display and in writing for the LCD-display) :

obstruction by a tree or snow....
when the antenna is blocked horizontal or vertical.
problem with the RF cable (coax) or LNB.
low battery or insufficient power supply.
Unstable power supply.



The high quality microswitches are fully waterproof and are having gold-plated contact points.
The circuit board in the external part (connections and resonance filter) is fully protected against water and condensation.
The circuit board, used in the positioner, has 4 different layers with printed circuits.
An incorporated safety system (with acoustic sound), closing the antenna as soon as the engine of the vehicle is started (D+ after contact).
Searching the different satellite positions by using the NIT (Identification transponder of the satellite).
APM-technology (automatic memory position), keeping in memory the last satellite positions to find the satellite positions quicker.
Available with a LED-display (7 satellite positions) or 2-coloured LCD-display (15 satellite positions).